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ALPINESTARS Limited Edition Squad '23 Tech 10 Boots - Brown/Gold - US 9 2010020-839-9

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Limited Edition Squad '23 Tech 10 Boots - Brown/Gold - US 9
The Limited Edition ‘Squad’ is a fine tribute to Alpinestars’ world-renowned squad of MX riders with its deep heritage going back to the early ‘70’s when the first MX competitions of the sport got underway, and Roger de Coster brought home his first of five World Motocross Championship titles, With its disruptive camo pattern combining a twist of luxurious premium gold accents, Alpinestars has created a distinctive head-to-toe kit that will definitely stand out, whether that be on the big rhythm sections at the Atlanta Motor Speedway or on the hardpacked, rocky terrain of Arco, The Squad kit is a befitting visual representation of Alpinestars’ squad of supercross and motocross athletes and their unparalleled determination to achieve championship glory