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ALPINESTARS TECH-AIR Tech-Air 5 System - Gray/Black - 4XL 6508120-9310-4X

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Tech-Air 5 System - Gray/Black - 4XL
Slim, self-contained wearable airbag vest worn under a motorcycle jacket with stretch or two inches of room around the chest inside, Vest comes with an active electronic system that features six integrated sensors (3 gyroscopes, 3 accelerometers) and a crash algorithm that leverages AI technology to monitor when to deploy the airbag in the event of a crash, Upper body protection by covering the rider's shoulders, chest, ribs and back, Bluetooth® connectivity allows monitoring the system's operational status, battery status and analysis of your ride including plotting your route on a map, Bluetooth® app allows you to choose between Street and Race mode, LED display indicates the airbag’s operational status and the integrated, certified lithium ion battery has a battery life of 30 hours of riding time , The system comes equipped with a magnetic micro USB charger that allows quick, easy and convenient recharging, Zip-front and magnetic flap closure, Airbag has air channels and a perforated back zone provide a through-flow of air to improve comfort levels, Integrated back protector for added protection, The Tech-Air® 5 system decreases impact force by up to 93% compared to a CE Certified passive protector, Tech-Air® 5 wearable vest is designed to be worn under any proper fitting textile jacket, keeping in mind that the jacket must be large enough to accommodate the expansion of the airbag in the event of a crash. For textile jackets this requires an additional 4 cm of space around the circumference of the body. For those riders who want to wear a sports leather jacket, Tech-Air® 5 may also be worn with Tech-Air® compatible leather jackets which have built in leather expansion panels to accommodate the inflation of the airbag. Riders who wish to wear a leather jacket that is not Tech-Air® compatible must be sure that the leather jacket has an additional 4 cm of space around the circumference of the entire chest. , In addition to motorcyclists being able to ride protected during their commute, riders can now easily switch to RACE Riding Mode and ride on closed-course racetracks. The newly released Tech-Air® App allows riders to easily switch between STREET and RACE Riding Modes. RACE Riding Mode must ONLY be used for riding on closed racetracks and not be used for any other type of riding.