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MUC-OFF Holder - Airtag 20935

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Holder - Airtag
Securely and discreetly mount an Apple AirTag to any of your powersports toys so that in the event of a loss or theft you would be able to track down your stolen bike with the help of the Find My iPhone app, 2 part, heat resistant polymer holder protects your AirTag, Supplied with Torx security screws and key for clamp and holder to stop thieves from easily removing it, Designed to be mounted discreetly in hidden areas, i.e. under motorcycle seat, within the engine bay or under side fairings., Supplied with 4 different silicone clamp grip sizes enabling you to mount to different diameter wires and cables, Non-rattle design, Ideally suited to high populous areas such as city centres, Easy to fit and mount securely in place, AirTag is not included.